Canberra, AU is piloting AVs

In 2018, the Australian capital will play host to one the world’s largest on-road urban tests of Level 3 autonomous vehicles. The CANDrive Automated Vehicle Trial, scheduled for two years, is a partnership between the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) government, local startup Seeing Machines, the University of Canberra and the Australian National University. The project’s goal is study human behavior in AVs, initially focusing on how quickly drivers can assume control of the car when required. ACT has invested $1.35 million and is sourcing Level 3 AVs to be used in the trial. Some 40 drivers from the city will be chosen to participate in studies to take place on the city streets over the next two years. ACT expects the project will inform future AV policy and regulation, as well as raising public awareness of self-driving technology.

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