Adelaide, AU is piloting AVs

Adelaide is center stage for the state of South Australia’s $10 million Future Mobility Lab Fund, which seeks to kickstart city AV solutions focused on people with limited mobility and catalyze the creation of a new industry in the region. Ten pilots running through 2019 are getting underway, including:

  • A driverless shuttle connecting Adelaide Airport’s terminal and long-term parking facilities
  • An AV minibus route on the campus of Flinders University
  • A self-driving cargo service operating within the 150-acre Tonsley Innovation Precinct, a redevelopment area located on a former car factory site, involving pod vehicles modified to transport standard freight containers.

An international array of technology partners includes RDM (UK), AutonomousStuff (US), and a variety of shuttle makers (e.g. NAVYA, Easy Mile, Local Motors). Adelaide is the first city in Australia to introduce legislation to allow for on-road trials of AVs which has modernized reporting requirements and streamlined monitoring of all AV pilots.


2018-01-05: RDM Group announced the arrival of two new Pod Zero AVs to begin testing of driverless cargo service within the Tonsley Innovation District tests, beginning in March. Link

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