Dubai, UAE is piloting AVs

Dubai has embarked on an ambitious AV effort to shift 25 percent of passenger journeys to AVs by 2030. The city-state’s Autonomous Transportation Strategy, published in April 2016, is the world’s most comprehensive AV plan and forecasts slashing transportation costs by 44 percent, reducing accidents by 12 percent, and saving 396 million person-hours from reduced congestion.

Initial efforts to implement this program include a driverless shuttle demonstration with Emaar, a leading real estate developer, the Dubai Taxi Corporation’s acquisition of 200 Autopilot-equipped Tesla S sedans, and establishment of a partnership with OTSAW, a Singaporean robotics firms, to develop an AV police car fleet. Long-term plans are for a driverless shuttle service to link the 2020 World Expo site on man-made Bluewaters Island to the mainland. And most recently, Dubai has signalled its interest in developing an AV air transport network as well. In September 2017, German-based Volocopter conducted a pilot test of their 2-seater aerial AV while EHang, a Chinese drone maker, is set to test their technology later in the year.


2018-01-22: Diamond Developers, creators of the 500-home mixed use Sustainable City tract within in the country’s massive Dubailand theme park project announced they will work with the country’s Road and Transport Authority to create an AV testbed and infrastructure. Link

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