Jerusalem, IL is piloting AVs

Nestled on a plateau between the Mediterranean Sea and the Dead Sea, Jerusalem - a relic of our past and ancient civilization became the choice pilot zone for a fleet of autonomous vehicles in June of 2019. The test was the first pilot to be carried out by Intel and its subsidiary Israeli-based Mobileye, with plans to put some 100 cars in operation across the capital.

Despite its reputation as a city of aggressive driving and haphazard traffic enforcement, Amnon Shashua, Senior Vice President of Intel and CEO of Mobileye, writes that Jerusalem was the ideal place to prove the Mobileye-Intel solution and “to demonstrate that the technology can work in any geography and under all driving conditions.” Mobileye’s AV Fleet aimed to balance the conflicting goals of safety and assertiveness using a formal safety-envelop developed by Intel called the Responsibility-Sensitive Safety Model. This was intended to allow vehicles to be assertive without causing dangerous situations on the road.

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