Oslo, NO is piloting AVs

Norway has quietly moved to the forefront of the push for electric vehicles - more than one-third of new cars there are fully electric or plug-in hybrid models. Oslo, the capital, hopes to extend that momentum into leadership in autonomous vehicles as well. After an initial driverless shuttle demonstration in autumn 2016, the Public Transport Authority for Oslo and Akershus (Ruter AS) begun planning for what could be the world’s largest AV microtransit pilot.

As initially envisioned, the service would involve up to 50 vehicles in a two- to three-year trial spanning pilot areas in the city center, city districts and the more rural areas in Akershus, integrated with existing fixed-route transit. A series of vendor workshops throughout 2017 are being used to gather information about available solutions as an authorizing law for the project works its way through the national legislature.

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