Rotterdam, NL is piloting AVs

The ParkShuttle, linking Rotterdam and the neighboring town of Capelle aan den IJssel, is a reminder that automation in public transit had a long history before the autonomous vehicle arrived - in people movers operating at subways, airports, and resorts in cities across the globe. Since opening to the public in 2005, this 1.1 mile (1.8 km) route has carried some 2,500 people each business day from the Kralingse Zoom station to the Rivium business park.

With its familiar-looking minibuses, five-grade crossings, where vehicles come into direct contact with traffic, mix of on-demand and scheduled service, and electronic track-following technology, ParkShuttle is a transitional technology between conventional approaches to automation, which rely on road infrastructure dedicated to direct vehicles, and autonomous operation that uses on-board sensors and computing power. The next phase of ParkShuttle’s evolution completes that transition, converting the system to fully autonomous vehicles and extending the line from the existing separated carriageway along public roads.


2017-12-22: Parkshuttle’s operators signed a final agreement with technology supplier 2getthere to complete conversion to fully autonomous vehicles by 2019. Press release

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