Groningen, NL is piloting AVs

The three provinces of northeast Holland ⁠— Groningen, Fryslân, and Drenthe ⁠— together make up the ambitious “AT-North” or “@north” consortium, a novel partnership that aims to market the region as an integrated pilot region for automated transport “on the road, by rail, by air”, and “on the water”.

Groningen began a self-driving shuttle pilot in August 2018. A Navya shuttle runs from the Scheemda Village bus stop in Oldambt Municipality to the Ommelander Ziekenhuis Hospital entrance. The pilot was extended to run until the end of 2019 one leg of the route offers an additional shuttle with wheelchair transport services to visitors. The pilot is a collaboration between Province of Groningen, the Ommelander Ziekenhuis, Arriva, and the RDW (the Dutch Vehicle and Driver Licensing Authority).

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