Trikala, GR is piloting AVs

The EU-funded CityMobil2 project (website) ran from 2012 to 2016. With a budget of over €15 million and ten municipal partners, it was the world’s first multi-city test of AVs for urban transit. CityMobil2 tests involved some 60,000 passengers across Europe, with 12,000 alone in Trikala.

In Trikala, one of three cities where large-scale tests were undertaken, AV minibuses were tested on city streets in mixed traffic under the auspices of a new Greek law. (Lausanne, Switzerland and La Rochelle, France were the other two large-scale test sites.) The service ran on a 2.5 km route for four months between September 2015 and January 2016, with six Robosoft driverless shuttles operating on a dedicated lane.

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