Toulouse, FR is piloting AVs

In 2017, driverless shuttle maker EasyMile’s hometown joined the growing list of cities showcasing this new transit technology. Two trials demonstrated how AVs could supplement the traditional public transport network.

The first test, lasting six months, took place in Pibrac, a suburb of Toulouse, where the self-driving shuttle served a 350-meter route. A second phase focused on the city center, traversing a pedestrian highway connecting residents to/from Palais de Justice Tram Station to the Grand Rond Public Garden 850 m away.

An array of partners included: the City of Pibrac, transport authorities Tisséo Collectivités, the Regional Office for Competition, Consumption, Labour and Employment, and the investment arm of French National Government, Caisse des Dépôts.

Some 18,000 passengers were carried and 5,000 km covered as the city began further evaluation of future experiment locations. After completing these trials, Toulouse commissioned a study on the opportunity of AVs hoping to learn more about multimodal transport, environmental and accessibility benefits that AVs could bring. Going forward, AV initiatives will be advanced under Open Metropolis, Toulouse’s 2018 masterplan, which outlined a strategic focus on mobility and experimentation, based on 3 key principles and 5 ambitions.

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