Lille, FR is piloting AVs

The University of Lille holds a unique claim in the history of automated transport — it was here that the world’s first automated metro system was designed by a team of engineers led by Professor Robert Gabillard, in 1970.

More recently important transport work continued with a pilot of a self-driving shuttle on the same campus.

Beginning in December 2018, two Navya self-driving shuttles began serving a 1.4 km route on the university’s Scientific Campus during weekdays providing students and faculty with connections to two metro stations: Cité Scientifique and 4 Cantons.

The city chose the local academic partner in a bid to meet its goals of 10% reduction in energy consumption by 2020, set out by their Climate-Territorial Energy Plan (PCET) adopted in 2013. The city committed €230 000 for the project’s first full year of service.

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