Aalborg, DK is piloting AVs

Aalborg Øst, the easternmost district of Denmark’s fourth-largest city, will be the site of a planned 2.1 km driverless shuttle route along Astrupstien, the suburb’s main arterial road sharing the path with cyclists. Ten wheelchair-accessible stops throughout the historically disadvantaged area–at an assisted living facility, library, and shopping center, among other locations-- will expand access to the existing transit system. The goal is to launch the service in late summer 2019 and run for two years once the project receives approval from national legislators.

The public-private partnership is led by the city and Autonomous Mobility, an AV operator. Following kick off, Aalborg University and transport provider Nordjyllands Trafikselskab will conduct a qualitative evaluation of the service’s impact on people’s everyday lives and the surrounding urban area.

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