Cossonay, CH is piloting AVs

The funicular railway of Cossonay has provided an important link between this Alpine town (elev: 1,800m), and its main railway station located in the valley below. The funicular is an inclined railway service where a cable helps the tram-like vehicles ascend and descend by counterbalancing each other.
Cossonay-Ville’s funicular station, operated by local transit authority MBC, opened in 1897 and automated its services in 1969.

Driverless shuttles extend this connection from the funicular station to key attractions in the the old town. The shuttles, operated in conjunction with BestMile and Navya, travel on two different 1.7 km loops, each featuring 8 stops. Initial plans to integrate the service into the town’s public transport network by December 10, 2017 have been pushed back as testing continues.

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