Changhua, TW is preparing

Changhua County is located along Taiwan’s urbanized west coast between the island nation’s two biggest cities, Taipei and Kaohsiung. The region hopes to combine existing efforts to develop sustainable energy, which includes the largest of Taiwan’s 21 offshore wind farms, with an ambitious program of AV pilots. The focus of this thrust is an 8.8 km smart corridor connecting the 123-acre Changhua Fitzroy Gardens, one of Taiwan’s largest parks, to a nearby high speed rail station. The corridor will feature an 8-vehicle driverless shuttle transit service with up to five stops, powered by 300 small wind turbines located along the route. Bidding for the $1 million project is expected to open in early 2018.

In the meantime, two demonstrations will take place within the park, with vehicles provided by Taiwanese startup 7Starlake. The first phase is a half-kilometer demonstration route connecting the park’s tourist center with a green energy exhibit. A second phase, expected by the end of 2018, will extend the route to 2.2 km in length, looping in additional destinations inside the park.

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