Singapore is piloting AVs

Singapore is one of the world’s most active laboratories for experimentation with automated vehicles and and AV-friendly infrastructure. Under the guidance of the Committee on Autonomous Road Transport for Singapore (CARTS), formed in 2014, the tiny city-state has pursued a variety of AV pilots. In January 2015, one-north, a science and technology campus which opened in 2002, was chosen as the test bed for AV trials. The initial 6 km-long test network was expanded to more than 55 km in June 2017. Four AV tests have been conducted so far, including a six-vehicle AV taxi service pioneered by nuTonomy. The company, based in Cambridge, Mass., grew out of an earlier research collaboration between MIT and the National University of Singapore at another new town in Singapore’s Jurong Lake District. In August 2017, nuTonomy announced its intent to launch a commercial AV taxi service in Singapore by summer 2018, potentially with ride-hail partner Grab.

While Singapore’s linking of new technology and new towns is a demonstration of economic strength that has attracted interest from China, India, and other quickly urbanizing countries, it also reflects great anxiety about the island’s long-term prospects. With little undeveloped land remaining, Singapore’s long-term strategy is to exploit potential opportunities for AVs to help reduce the number of automobiles and reclaim land currently used for parking and roads.


2017-11-22: Singapore government identifies three towns to pilot autonomous buses and shuttles starting in 2022. Story and Official announcement

2017-11-22: Singapore announces the opening of the country’s first AV test centre in the Jurong Innovation District, a new town development focused on urban innovation . Press release and story

2017-12-8: Plans to implement a 2-year, 10-vehicle driverless shuttle service on the Singapore resort island of Sentosa were announced. Press release and Story

2018-01-11: Volvo Buses and Nanyang Technological University signed an agreement to trial two autonomous buses beginning in 2019. Link

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