Seongnam, KR is piloting AVs

Where else to build the AV city of the future than a tear-down megaproject atop the former headquarters of your country’s highway construction authority? That’s the Korean approach at least. Just over the mountains on the southern edge of Seoul’s world-renowned Gangnam district, the city of Seongnam will be home to Korea’s first special district for AV testing. This experimental zone will overlay the Pangyo Second Techno Valley, a new real estate development taking shape on a 125-acre site housing the former headquarters of the Korea Expressway Corporation, that will eventually house up to 600 companies and 40,000 jobs.

Accommodations for AVs include: three lanes allocated to AVs on the main roads, reserving a fourth lane exclusively for manually-driven vehicles; the nation’s second-only 5G wireless network providing vehicle-to-vehicle data rates up to 2.3 Gbps; and a dedicated traffic management facility. BMW, a partner in the effort, is expected to set up a lab to put the testbed to use. A second AV project, Zero Shuttle, will link the area to nearby Pangyo subway station using driverless minibuses. This pilot will begin in December 2017 and serve as a trial run for future demonstrations at the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games.


2017-12-07: City officials expect the Zero Shuttle to begin its 5.5km loop from Pangyo Zero City to Pangyo Station before the end of the year. Link
2018-01-09: SK Telecom gains national government approval to road test 45-seat bus in in Pangyo Zero City later this year. link

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