Wuhu, CN is piloting AVs

China has set a target of full autonomy for 10 percent of all vehicles by 2030. Search giant Baidu hopes to play a big role in making it happen. That’s why in May 2016, the company announced a long-term partnership to work with the city of Wuhu to establish the country’s first autonomous testing zone. Baidu launched its self-driving car project in 2014, and carried out its first public road tests in Beijing in December 2015.

The first pilot in Wuhu involves a driverless bus running a 2 km route between an auto plant and R&D center owned by Wuhu-based Chery, China’s largest exporter of passenger cars. The buses are made by Chery and further plans are to add a number of electric vehicle models to the program. The five-year plan calls for a growing expansion of the test zone and phasing in of passenger service as safety tests are completed.

Wuhu is the first of 10 cities Baidu hopes to engage in its AV development efforts.

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