Guangzhou, CN is piloting AVs

With a population surpassing 50 million people, the Pearl River Delta is the world’s largest urban agglomeration, as well as its most important manufacturing region. It has powered China’s remarkable export-led manufacturing growth over the last four decades, and the region now leads the country’s transition to high-tech.

In 2018, two pilots in the regional capital of Guangzhou will highlight the growing number of local startups working on AV technology. Running from March through May, both will take place in special economic zones focused on export processing. In the Nansha district where the company’s headquarters is located, will operate a 6-vehicle fleet within a 30 square kilometre area. JingChi, another AV startup, will launch a similar pilot at the BioTech Island on 1.8 square kilometer area. JingChi executives see the trials as a step towards an initial production run of 500 to 1,000 vehicles by the end of 2018. JingChi and Guangzhou city have jointly launched a $1.5 billion AV industry fund backed by financial investors, according to China Daily.

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