Baoding, CN is preparing

Hot on the heels of news in October 2017 that Google sister company Sidewalk Labs hopes to build an AV-powered urban innovation district on the Toronto waterfront, Chinese search giant Baidu announced its own smart city project. The “AI City”, as it is called, will exploit artificial intelligence to deliver innovations in a wide range of urban systems with a central focus on autonomous vehicles. Baidu’s AV efforts will build on the early success of the company’s Apollo platform, an open source autonomous driving software system that has attracted over 70 companies including Daimler, Ford, and NVIDIA since launching in April 2017.

This ambitious project will take shape in Xiongan New Area, a new special economic zone that Chinese leaders believe will be as crucial to the country’s future development as Shenzhen’s Special Economic Zone and Shanghai’s Pudong New Area were over the last three decades. Located in Baoding, 100km southwest of Beijing, Xiongan is intended to serve as a growth pole and demonstration site for new technologies, market reforms, and urban governance innovations.

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