Washington, DC, US is piloting AVs

In March 2017, the American capital oversaw the launch of the world’s largest urban AV freight pilot, with up to a dozen conveyors (small, self-driving electric cargo carts) providing last-mile deliveries between local businesses and residential customers in a partnership with Starship Technologies and delivery aggregator Postmates.

In February 2018, the city announced its first AV RFI soliciting ideas for a pilot on 10th Street SW (also known as L’Enfant Plaza), a three-block corridor linking the National Mall and The Wharf, a recently completd $2.5 billion mixed-use waterfront development. The project will be undertaken in partnership with the Southwest Business Improvement District. The city also announced the establishment of an AV Working Group comprised of District agencies focused on transportation, disability rights, environmental issues, and public safety.


2018-05-07: Reaffirming its commitment to AV testing, the D.C. Council extends Starship’s delivery robot trial. The law removes previously held geographic limitations and allows for more than 5 robots to operate on the street at the same time. Link

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