Sacramento, US is preparing

Scaling the number of AVs city- or nation-wide will require entire new network and computing infrastructures. Sacramento’s Autonomous Transportation Open Standards Labs (ATOS) seeks to bring an open source approach to developing AV technology with deployment and scale in mind. ATOS describes itself as a “public-private consortium”, with support from Sacramento’s mayor, local Congressional representatives, and Silicon Valley software veteran (and Sacramento Kings owner) Vivek Ranadivé. The group’s stated mission includes development of standards, policy advocacy on AV regulation, and collaboration with university partners to study the broader “ripple effects caused by the introduction of AVs to the world at scale.” The group has identified some 100 miles of local roads and highways as candidates for AV testing. The region will also leverage its status as a 5G pilot city for wireless giant Verizon, providing early access to next-generation vehicle and infrastructure connectivity.


2017-12-18: Sacramento State in planning stages for an AV shuttle to transport students from 65th street light rail station to campus along a dedicated track, with an anticipated pilot launch in 2019. Link

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