Portland, OR, US is preparing

Portland, Oregon has been a leader in mobility innovation, but has also aggressively pushed back against companies such as Uber when corporate and city goals have diverged. With AVs, the city is working to consolidate home rule authority to regulate key aspects of AV use within city limits, despite repeated attempts in the Oregon state legislature to preemptively limit local control.

Meanwhile, Portland’s transportation agencies committed to launching AV pilots in April 2017 under the Smart Autonomous Vehicles Initiative, which proposes to “implement testing and piloting of [AV] technology, while advancing public safety, protection of the environment, and transportation access for everyone, regardless of income.” The program will prioritize shared and electric AV solutions, encourage testing technologies that benefit low- and moderate-income residents, and promote high-value trips such as freight and public transit. The initiative will also include a public engagement component focused on consulting local stakeholders in shaping the “rules of the road” for AVs in Portland. The city issued an RFI for AV pilots in June 2017.

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