Nashville, US is preparing

AVs will be an essential key to two of Nashville’s ambitions: nurturing the region’s large and growing automotive sector, which led the state’s post-recession recovery, and restructuring its transportation system. The city’s newest mobility action strategy, Moving the Music City, builds on earlier plans and lays out an agenda through 2020. It outlines the city’s vision for AVs as “shared, electric, and carefully integrated to buttress mass transit so these technologies can address concerns around urban livability, such as the ability for elderly populations to age in place or providing mobility for those who can’t drive (children and the disabled).”

Nashville is currently developing plans for its first AV demonstration, which will focus on the use of driverless shuttles to support low-income college students. Meanwhile, the city faces ongoing efforts in the state legislature to prohibit cities from regulating industry testing of AVs in Tennessee.

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