Louisville, US is preparing

In 2003, Lousiville became the largest US city in more than three decades to consolidate city and county governments, a move that has allowed it to addrses transportation needs more comprehensively. With initial funding from Bloomberg Philanthropies Innovation Team program, Metro Louisville created the Office of Performance Improvement & Innovation in 2012, which spearheaded the 2016 Move Louisville 20-year multi-modal plan.

One outgrowth of Move Lousiville is Metro’s Mobility Innovation Team, “a cross-functional group that meets regularly to prepare Louisville Metro for potential disruptive changes to our transportation system. The team discusses emerging issues in transportation focused on how new technology and innovations could impact how people and goods move in our community. The goal of the team is to incorporate new innovations in our transportation system in ways that allow us to accomplish to our larger community goals of reducing vehicle miles traveled (VMT) and improving safety and equity for our residents.”

The Mobility Innovation Team recently outlined its approach to AVs in an AV Playbook highlighting five future plays:
(1) Ensure that major infrastructure decisions focus on moving people and consider the effects of AVs.
(2) Forge public and private partnerships to prepare for new regulatory and technological challenges, anticipate emerging technologies, and establish best practices.
(3) Prepare for fundamental shifts in parking demand
(4) Ensure AV technology strengthens mass transit
(5) Develop and maintain transportation technology and data infrastructure to encourage innovation and promote accountability

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