Los Angeles, US is preparing

Los Angeles is entering the AV age with a clear vision and set of goals, spelled out in a groundbreaking strategic plan published in September 2016. Urban Mobility in a Digital Age: A Transportation Technology Strategy for Los Angeles identifies the need to “prepare for an automated future” as one of five strategic priorities. Major policy recommendations include:

  • Collaborating with other governments to achieve regional interoperability,
  • Creating a task force to look at monetizing AV data, and
  • Advocating new approaches to financing infrastructure that enable and exploit AVs.

Short-term actions include developing a business plan for a city AV fleet and improving lane markings to enhance the effectiveness of vehicle-based computer vision systems. Over the next decade, the road map calls for the development of an AV road network, as well as the conversion of the public transit fleet to full automation.

In October 2017, the city moved its AV campaign forward by hosting its first citywide AV working group meeting, drawing in officials from multiple departments and agencies. The group will re-convene in January 2018 to assemble a joint budget package to fund a transportation technology strike team. A separate meeting brought together companies interested in working with the city on AVs and other innovative technologies, the first step in vendor pre-qualification for future pilots. More than 200 people representing large companies, startups, and NGOs participated, advancing the city’s goal of building a diversified network of potential partners.

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