Las Vegas, US is piloting AVs

In 2011, Nevada became the first U.S. state to adopt laws specifically permitting the operation of autonomous vehicles. In similar fashion, the state’s largest city, City of Las Vegas, held the first public trial of an AV transit vehicle in January 2017 in the city’s newly designated Innovation District. Over a two-week period, a 12-passenger NAVYA ARMA vehicle provided free daytime rides on a three-block stretch of Fremont Street connecting Las Vegas Boulevard and Downtown Container Park, the epicenter of a tech-driven revitalization in the city’s aging core. In November 2017, the city announced a partnership with AAA, Keolis, Regional Transport of Southern Nevada for a year long trial covering the same 0.6 mile route in mixed traffic.


2017-11-07: Navya announces Las Vegas as the first North American test site for the Autonom Cab, a six-seat driverless taxi, on the Strip in January 2018. Link

2018-05-07: After an initial test serving attendees of the Consumer Electronic Show in January, Lyft and Aptiv launch a public ridesourcing service with 30 self-driving taxis. Link

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