Concord, US is piloting AVs

In May 2017, the city of San Francisco considered a bill to ban sidewalk delivery robots. But that hasn’t stopped startups from testing in other Bay Area cities.

In July, Starship Technologies shifted its sights to Concord, California, the largest city in nearby Contra Costa County where it began testing a dozen pint-sized AVs. Under an agreement with the city, the company will pair each bot with a human handler for the first year of operation. Less than three months later, competitor Marble Robotics struck a similar deal to test in Concord.

Concord is no stranger to AV tests, though this is the first time such experiments are taking place on city streets. The city is home to GoMentum Station, the nation’s largest secure testing facility for autonomous and connected vehicle technology, which counts among its clients companies such as Uber, Baidu, Honda, Toyota, and EasyMile.

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