Ottawa, CA is piloting AVs

Ottawa made Canadian history in October 2017 with what local officials claim to be the nation’s first test of an AV on public roads in the suburb of Kanata. The demonstration featured a Lincoln MKZ retrofitted with self-driving technology developed by Blackberry’s QNX division, in partnership with Delphi, a major auto parts maker.

The test route, planned in coordination with city government, circumscribed what local and provincial leaders are touting as a world-class R&D cluster for driverless technology, the Kanata North Technology Park. The area is already the home for Ford Canada’s AV research group, involving 300 employees and hundreds of millions of dollars of investment. The surrounding area encompasses an emerging network of some 70-plus firms (40 of them in Kanata North alone) that are collectively being promoted as the Ottawa AV Cluster.

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