Calgary, CA is piloting AVs

Canada’s third-largest municipality is undertaking a multi-pronged approach to preparing for autonomous vehicles. In May 2017, Calgary officials published a comprehensive report surveying the potential role of emerging technologies in the city’s transportation network. The study included a full chapter on autonomous vehicles identifying potential scenarios, impacts, future mitigation measures, and next steps.

Since then, Calgary has partnered with the University of Alberta and the city of Edmonton on a multi-city AV pilot, creating an information sharing network between the two largest cities in the province of Alberta. Calgary’s planned tests involve a month-long last-mile driverless shuttle link between TELUS Spark, the city’s recently renovated science center, and the Calgary Zoo train station. The project is slated to launch in 2018.

To coordinate future industry AV testing efforts, the city has created an intake process and single point of contact within the Economic Development unit.

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